ISP webhosting service ending

December 2016 by DAOWAce

Well, that was unexpected.

After over a decade of my ISP providing free webhosting service along with a free domain, they are suddenly ending it. The company was sold and bought out by some billionaire's company from France who are very disliked and known for being awful to consumers. They are called Altice.

While I'm a bit upset about losing my site, I can tolerate it since it was mainly just a testing platform.. but I do have some things linked to it in the background as a download service.

What isn't alright is that I'm losing my free domain. A domain I have e-mails registered to.. dozens of e-mails (though only a few I personally use extensively). This is e use of a different gelling agent. extremely bad, as when the domain goes down, so do my e-mail accounts.

As a result, I now have to pay for a domain. The cheapest reliable one I can find is Google Domains at $12/year.

After 12 something years of having free service I now have to pay for it. Just goes to show how terrible the world is getting. Prices of everything going up, free things no longer free, cost of living skyrocketing, inflation skyrocketing. Things are a disaster. Edit: And now Trump is president.

Well.. site backed up, databases exported as much as I care to.. God that 12/year is going to hurt a lot, especially when I'm salty about paying for something I've had free all my life.

Thanks for selling out, Dolans, and turning Cablevision into shit. But hey, at least we're getting FTTH.. in 5 years.

What a fucking joke.

Site fallen into disuse

July 20 2016 by DAOWAce

Should've been pretty obvious since 2013 that I've barely used the site at all; mainly just hosting stuff in the background.

My forum is dead after a failed upgrade, I've had numerous domain issues and in general I just stopped using it for nearly everything.

I never really completed any of my goals, and I've just gotten both too busy and really stopped caring about wanting to do web related things. I also never went back to game design either. Mainly just been wasting my life playing games and dealing with mental issues (non-depression).

Will I ever come back to learning things? I don't have a clue.

Blame Google and people I used to call friends.

Still banned

May 18 2015 by DAOWAce

After seeing my Youtube account unverified for some ungodly reason (uploaded a >15minute video, rejected) and being reminded that my adsense account was disabled and I can't monetize anything related to Google's services anymore, I re-appealed.

It was denied, again.

Seeing reports on the adsense forum, it looks like my account will never be reinstated regardless of what I attempt to do.

1 year of earning ad revenue, disabled before it got paid out. 2 years of waiting before submitting a re-appeal specifically for Youtube, denied.

At this rate I'm just going to have to ignore Google entirely and focus on Twitch. This is beyond absurd.


June 19th 2013 by DAOWAce

Well, today is a very depressing day.

I mentioned on Twitter about a week ago that my Twitter widget just flat out stopped working for some reason. Apparently it was deleted. Why? I have no idea; Twitter don't bother to respond to support inquiries. I'd assume inactivity, but I've been active ever since it was created, so that's not it. I have to assume it was purged for being old or something happened on their end that caused it to be deleted. I haven't put it back because I have to re-create it from scratch, and it was customized to fit my site design, so I haven't wanted to put time back into it again.

After seeing that, the next day I find my adsense account disabled.

That was quite a big "fuck life" day

After a few days of regaining my composure, I finally delve into why that happened and file an appeal.

The appeal gets denied.

Needless to say, this is an extremely detrimental blow to my future. As some people know, I had planned to overhaul my website when I had finally learned enough to actually create proper sites before starting my freelance web design career, alongside transforming the site into one that covers my company and the game I have been wanting to create (and of course future games).

All of that has been ruined, as I can longer sustain not only the website (which let's face it, costs nearly nothing), but also my life, via ads, which would've been extremely welcome as I continue to remain unemployed, despite my technical and health knowledge.

I'm trying to do what I can to get this action reverted, but I'm going up against Google of all people while being a nobody. I don't expect things to work out well at all.

So, now I'm even in more financial trouble than I was before. That payout threshold I finally reached after over a year of building it up won't be given to me. That hurts, a lot.

Even worse is that I gave them my brand new bank account information just before the account got disabled. No one knows that information, but now Google does. I feel like closing that account now; that's just terrible.

If anything changes, I will of course update things, but right now I feel like just deleting my site entirely. Emotional distress, once again.

Yet another year.

May 15th 2013 by DAOWAce

And nothing has changed at all. In fact, the government screwed me even harder.

Hurricane Sandy

November 15th 2012 by DAOWAce

Well, that was an experience.

Hurricane Sandy hit is. The first hurricane I've ever experienced. The first hurricane to directly strike New Jersey since 1903.

We had no power for 12 days. No tv/internet/phone for 14 days. It was an absolutely awful experience.

The sad thing is, most of the reason it took so long was because of a dispute between Verizon and our power company. Verizon owns poles and the power company couldn't touch them due to the dispute.

Rather than spew profanity, I'll just say that this country is terrible, if I haven't said that enough already, and that Nwe Jersey's power grid is one of the worst in the entire nation.

PS: I really need spellcheck on this thing.

An update just to update

August 15th 2012 by DAOWAce

Hi there.

Well, yeah. I guess I'm not doing anything useful anytime soon, aside from IT consultant stuff anyway. Shame; really losing out on a lot of opportunities, but hey, I can always blame my ISP for causing me to fall out of web/game design because of it all the problems I used to have with it. To think we only got a refund of $75.. or was it $250? I don't remember; it just wasn't enough to justify all the problems I had with it.

So, more time going to waste. Motivation, where are you?

Another year

May 8th 2012 by DAOWAce

And here it comes to yet another year gone by and me having done nothing more with web development. *sigh*

Currently trying to get a fundraiser going for my birthday, so if you wish to help, then please direct your eyes to the "Support me?" section of my sidebar. If you wish to donate or help by other means, then it would be greatly appreciated, as I've now been screwed over by the state and can't even afford food this month. Thanks, US government, how I hate you even more..


January 25th 2012 by DAOWAce

Sup 2012, SOPA, PIPA, NDAA, ACTA, and any other terrible government's decisions.

Yeah, I'm late, I know.

It's the year of the Wood Dragon and I'm feeling better, no surprise, I was born in the year of the Earth Dragon. I feel like accomplishing things; a lot of things. So many things I'll probably get overwhelmed by my own ambitions and crash down hard; like all the dreams about airplane crashes I've been having for the last few months. (Man, those are scary.)

I'm stepping it up again, starting with Scaleform UI for UDK then moving onto level structure and camera elements, then seeing what I can do about visible body parts in first person view (ala Mirror's Edge). Worst case, I'll change it to third person (I don't have an animator anyway, so maybe that's the better choice).

If you don't know, it's going to be Parkour based, yaaay! This is probably where I'm too ambitious for a first project, but who cares! If it comes out terrible, at least I made something, right? If I fail at it and decide on something else, at least I learned, right?

I'm improving, that's what matters the most.

When the bloody hells am I going to get Wordpress integrated you ask? Good question!

"One year"

May 15th 2011 by DAOWAce

It's my birthday again.

It's really been an entire year once again and what have I accomplished? Very little compared to what I would've accomplished if my ISP didn't turn to garbage after 2008. I dropped my web/game design in October due to the ridiculous amount of issues I'd have NEARLY EVERY SINGLE TIME I tried to use my internet. That alone cost me a job, and words cannot express how disappointed I am with how things have turned out. As such, I won't continue to type anything more.

Site is back under usable conditions

April 13th 2011 by DAOWAce

Well now, after a failed server move done by my webhost and an entire month spent waiting with no response, I finally have control of my website again. And by control, I mean I'm still at the mercy of whatever they decide to do with it whenever they want, without notifying me whatsoever.

Food industry

January 28th 2011 by DAOWAce

I am disgusted by Monsanto and the USDA's cooperation with them.

It's already been exposed (love WikiLeaks) how they've been conspiring against foreign corporations about not accepting their GMO products, so why are they continuing to go on unopposed? Why are some organic companies now surrendering to them? The 'Organic Elite'? Not so elite anymore.

I just had to get this out here. It's unbelivable to think about the rise of health aware people in the United States over just the last 5 years and now the decline of the anti-GMO war and even freedom of speech and what's in the US constitution (and preamble). The only ones winning are the owners of these corporations (ones like Monsanto and even the FDA/AMA/ADA/etc.), not the people who make up this country; who choose the people responsible for overseeing this country and each individual state. George Washington would be more than ashamed at what his nation has become. I know I am.

Blind luck

December 3rd 2010 by DAOWAce

It seems I've won an Alienware PC which has a basic cost of $2,400. (of course, I could build one for $1,000 which matches that performance)

More details later.

12/22 edit: Still no word about when I'll be receiving it, nor about when any other winners of the contest will be receiving their prizes. Any attempts at provoking a response from the contest holders have been futile. I expected to have it by the holiday, this is getting me quite 'upset'.

1/10 edit: Still nothing.

1/14 edit: Suddenly arrived at my bedroom door while I was in the shower. Surprised as I didn't even get tracking information or even a "it's on its way" comment.

Anyway, finally glad to have it now, and very surprised to see its specs are beyond what the basic unit was. Shame it has ATI cards.

Too long

November 24th 2010 by DAOWAce

Wao, finally after nearly 2 months I can get back to working on my website/game. It's been way too long. I'll try to mess with the website first as I want to wait until the November UDK is released before I get back to it just in case they deprecate any more things.

I setup another website to do tests on so I can mess around all I want and not be worried about destroying my site, so hopefully this will be further incentive to start working more. Sadly, my ISP's problems aren't resolved, so that's the only barrier in my path.

By the way, I have a Dell P1130 monitor now. 1280x1024 standard resolution and I can actually read the text compared to my old 17" @ 1280x960. Can up to 1600x1200 should I need more room for things, though the text does get a bit too small to use comfortably. If anyone has a FW900 type monitor, I'd love to take it off your hands.

Edit: In a fit of irony, the November UDK is released!

It's started

September 26th 2010 by DAOWAce

I've started working with the UDK since I haven't been doing anything with web design. After spending 2 days watching tutorials and reading documentation, I'm amazed how easy it is to use this editor.

I'll start out small, make a top down game, a replica of one of my friend's games so I can have guidance and plow through creation, gathering real experience to build something better.

Short update, that's all for now.

Edit: I should mention the game. The series is called Cells and it's extremely hard, akin to what he loves. Download page for Cells 4 here. Try it out.


August 2nd 2010 by DAOWAce

A near 12 year friendship has come to an end.

After everything we've been through.. it wouldn't seem possible had this last year not been the way it was.

I trusted you with my accounts, my passwords, and all you've done is betray me, violate me, and still boast about how immensely trustworthy you are.

You haven't done anything beneficial for me in recent time*. You sit addicted to your own ways, lost in your own ignorance that you can't even see the changes going on around you. You end up losing more and more as time goes on and the way you react to it is nothing but violently.

I'm finished with your constant insults. Your constant ranting and bickering is up for display for everyone to judge. Go ahead and live in your twisted world. You'll do anything to get respect from those you know, even if it involves fully degrading your closest gaming friend. Show them the truth, for once.

You don't deserve a farewell.

Edit: Resorting to 4chan now? Letting a friend who has a worse of a life than you be your partner in crime? And you call me immature..

Edit2: Check my forum for more updates.

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* Aside from buy me the expansion to a game you're completely addicted to. (January)

A change?

July 26th 2010 by DAOWAce


We'll see.

No Progress

June 7th 2010 by DAOWAce

I've not done anything beneficial to the site since my last post. I was focusing on the diet and feeling better first, which was happening. Now that I've stopped the diet, I'm back to having wrist pain along with feeling more depressed and tired.

I pretty much don't care about anything right now except trying to enjoy what I can out of my life, and there isn't much. I don't even care to explain.

Insert sarcastic comment about life here.

Phase One

May 28th 2010 by DAOWAce

I'm on the phase one diet, though it is hard to start out.

I'm keeping a fail blog update because it's easier to post in an auto generated blog than it is to directly edit HTML code to get things posted.

In other news, I'm going to try and get a blog integrated with the main site so I can stop being hassled with the way I'm currently posting here. (And so people can actually comment!)

As for the site, you'll see I changed the theme from black/white to black/red. Let me know what you think on my forum or blog. I'm trying to gather opinions on the layout so I can see what people enjoy.


May 24th 2010 by DAOWAce

Starting my Coral Calcium supplements today.

An update on my sickness: In 3 days my sore throat pain was pretty much gone. The only things i'm really fighting now are a lasting earache from day 1, a 'productive cough' (mucus removal) and my sinus problems, along with horrible feeling edges of my nostrals due to constantly wiping them with tissues.

I'll be trying to start the Phase One fungal removal diet within the next week, but I doubt my family will pay for all organic products I want to consume. Yay for not having a job.

Update: I was in luck. My mother went shopping and got me all organic vegetables, yum.


May 20th 2010 by DAOWAce

Sick for the first time since January.

This isn't supposed to happen.


May 15th 2010 by DAOWAce

Well, today's my birthday.

..That's about it.

Things to learn

May 13th 2010 by DAOWAce

A listing of things I want to accomplish:

  • Learn HTML
  • Learn PHP
  • Learn CSS
  • Learn Javascript
  • Learn Flash

  • After (or during) that, I'll try learning how to work Photoshop and just do digital editing, possibly creation, though I lack any creativity and cannot draw whatsoever.

    How long all this will take me is anyone's guess.

    Veruela Edit: I'm also going to try and build my first game through the UDK (Unreal Development Kit).

    Also, I want to try learning reverse engineering/debugging, but that's a huge learning experience I'm not prepared for.

    Work to do!

    May 7th 2010 by DAOWAce

    Started working on my site by using a prebuilt template to ease the learning experience. Trashed the old which you can visit in the left navigation pane.

    I'll be editing at random, mucking around, trying to find better layouts whenever I become comfortable with actual editing. Until then, enjoy watching me learn.

    Note: Site is rated Mature.